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Derby Day Zipper Tote Review


JANUARY 17, 2017
Derby Day Tote

What do you have in your workbag?

In my life outside of Paperchases & Petticoats, I work with children and am out “in the field” much of the time (i.e. schools, homes, community). I’ve learned through experience that having room in your bag for extras usually kept in the office is a must. Staff have nodded approvingly when I announce “Why yes, I do have scissors” or “What side of the Velcro do you need? Soft or hard?” or “We don’t have to stop for lunch, I have a tray of lasagna in here.”

Finding a bag large enough to house all the paperwork plus office supplies and food I need can be a feat. Let me clarify- a CUTE, CHIC, REASONABLY PRICED bag is hard to find. Add in my equestrian criteria, and I usually find myself settling for something a little more practical and not as much of a statement piece as I’d like. As I’ve stated in other reviews, when wearing or carrying equestrian themed pieces I want to give off the impression that “I love horses, but I’m an adult lady and not 5.”

Paul & Lydia have made that possible. For a few months now I have been using their chic Derby Day Zipper Tote, and am happy to announce that it is big enough to hold all of my (un)necessary accouterments. The Derby Day Zipper Tote is made of a light, durable fabric that’s water resistant and doesn’t add to the weight of all the junk I’ve decided to cram into it. The result? I can carry even more unnecessaries! The leather, padded double handles relieve pressure points on my shoulders, and the fabric of this tote is easy to wipe clean, so I’m too not worried when I see a child toddling toward it with peanut butter fingers or play dough. Let’s not forget one of the most important features: pockets! Inside are three deep and separate pockets lining the entire length of one side. This helps you separate your phone and keys from your lasagna tray and paperwork.

With all its practicality, the most stunning part of the Derby Day Zipper Tote is the racing print displayed on either side. I have received many compliments on this bag from professionals and (adult) clients, along with comments from coworkers. Unfortunately, the children don’t seem to appreciate “grown up” horses and prefer My Little Pony over classic black and white racing scenes. I’ll teach them how to discriminate between the quality of the two later.

Derby Day Tote Bag Paul and Lydia

At $99, with it’s class and practicality, this tote is an essential for an office wardrobe.


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