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The Heritage of the Hunt

Equestrian Style Fox Chase Fox Hunt Horse style

Rich in history and dating back to the Middle Ages in England, fox chasing first served a practical purpose for farmers to drive off the abundant foxes from their land. Since then, fox chasing arrived in America in the seventeenth century and became quite popular amongst British and colonial gentry living in the colonies including a friend of George Washington, Lord Fairfax. As a popular sport in Virginia and Maryland, fox chasing included the importation of red foxes from England in the eighteenth century.
Whether you actively participate in this sport today, or simply appreciate its rich cultural history, you can incorporate elements of this traditional sport into your modern equestrian lifestyle. Share your story of the day’s chase in a leather bound journal, or enjoy the latest chapter from Rita Mae Brown’s Fox chase inspired mystery series including, The Hounds and the Fury, Outfoxed, and Hotspur or the latest digital edition of The Field magazine. Easily carry your journal, favorite equestrian books or riding accessories in Paul and Lydia’s Purple or Tan Fox equestrian tote bags. Paul and Lydia’s Pink Rider Equestrian wristlets, pouches, and totes are the perfect gifts for your riding friends this summer and dust off easily with their sturdy, horse (and fox) friendly material. A Paul and Lydia fox-chase inspired print bag is a great addition to your equestrian lifestyle.
After a day spent outside, return home to a welcoming space that lets you display your love of equestrian style. A printed fox throw pillow or throw, framed antiquarian fox chase print, or letter opener are the perfect accessories to complement your love of your horse, horseback riding and the sporting lifestyle. Adding a red or black jacket by Caldene or beautiful printed silk scarf to your riding attire will keep you looking smart and skilled. Investing in a pair of exceptional gloves will provide extra grip and safety in all weather conditions this summer. Whether you are a seasoned rider, or you are simply interested in the tradition of fox chasing, there are a multitude of resources available to you to learn more and become more involved in this tradition. To learn more about fox chasing and resources available in the United States, visit the Masters of Foxhounds Association and Foundation (MFHA) of North America at or in the Masters of Foxhounds Association in the United Kingdom at

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